The College Or To Be Precise Its Management Was Driven

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The college or to be precise its management was driven by core values which are guided by traditions and norms of society bound by rules and customs. On the other hand, Kathrine’s liberal thought process, participative leadership style, idealistic temperament and human resource frame were totally in contrast and she was a total misfit from organizations goal and culture per say. There was no fit from needs and vision perspective. While college believed in “Do what I say” theory, Katherine’s believed in giving its students the empowerment and tendency to explore and grow beyond what they were taught to think. Now the relationship of the frame and the leading style between the college and Katherine seems easy to interpret as conflicted and…show more content…
Betty was raised in a conservative high society family where following traditions and rules is above else and you are taught not to share your personal problems in public and those values were further strengthened by the college she was studying in. She was taught to think in a particular way only, any other way of life is considered as downright wrong. So, when Betty saw Katherine, she felt challenged about her belief and core values. Even after she could see from Katherine’s point of view she was not able to accept it because of her structural frame. Later when her thought process was challenged by situations leading to intrapersonal conflict, she realized the flaws. The lack of harmony between the personal and the organisational goals spurs an intrapersonal conflict (Munyisia, H. N., & Çalış, Ş., 2016). Realizing that her actual needs are not aligned with organizational or societal goals she is a part of she was able to shift her frame to human resource frame where she learned that organizations/societies are for a human being and not vice versa. Earlier she was comfortable with the structural frame and the vertical hierarchy, but circumstances and change of need made her to understand and embrace the human resource frame and style. This change made the organization structure and frame unfit for her and vice versa. Coming back to college’s way to think, it was similar to the Kodak example given by Bolman, L. G. & Deal, T. E. (2013), where
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