The College Success Course

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Unfortunately, an embarrassing amount of high school graduates of Bogalusa, Louisiana, are not thirsting for higher education. In 2011, City Data reported that 72.9% of adults, aged 25 or older living in Bogalusa, Louisiana, has a high school degree, but only 12.0% of the same population has earned a bachelor’s degree. This is an obvious problem for the individual students who decide not to go to college but the lack of higher education affects the entire community as a whole. Without a bachelor’s degree, students are less likely to be employed, more likely to live in poverty, and are less active citizens of their community. Students with a low level of education are also more likely of welfare dependency and crime. In order to raise the 12% college educated citizens in Bogalusa, high school juniors and seniors of Bogalusa High School should be required to complete a college success course before graduation. The ultimate purpose of the College Success course is to teach each junior and senior the benefits of successfully earning a bachelor’s degree and the consequences of choosing not to pursue higher education. This will be accomplished by helping students to define goals and interests, understanding college costs, and planning financially and academically. The first step is for the teacher to prepare a list of questions to help students define goals and interests. This…
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