The Collins And Aristotle 's Impact On The Field Of Education

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Abstract Within this report I will inform you of two diverse educators, Marva Collins and Aristotle, and their significant impact in the field of education. The information provides the reader with a very brief biography of each educator, their contributions within the field of education, as well as their impact on others. There will be a comparison and contrast graph between the two educators, from their philosophies to their own education. This report will even ignite my own personal experiences on the effect of both Marva Collins and Aristotle.

Marva Collins Known as the most influential teacher and education activist, Marva Deloise Nettles, has made an impact on us all. Nettles was born in Monroeville, Alabama on August 31st, 1936
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She began teaching to students in Alabama, her home state. Knowing that she had more to achieve, Marva picked up and moved up north to Chicago after teaching for two years. In Chicago she met Clarence Collins. A few years later Marva Deloise Nettles became Marva Deloise Collins and she gave birth to three children: Eric Collins, Patrick Collins, and Cynthia Collins. After getting her life started, Collins spent fourteen years working as a substitute. Her experiences and the visuals she’s came across did not appeal great to her and it triggered something great within her. Marva Collins took a big withdraw from her retirement plan and started her very own school in her own home know as Westside Preparatory School. Her efficacy was outstanding and her accountability showed for it. Although she only started with a few students, she still taught and helped those student as if she was sitting in front of an entire classroom of students. Collins let it be known that her school was open to any and every child who has struggled in any other school system. She took those who were referred to as retards or mentally challenged and pushed them so they could read at their grade level. It didn’t stop there though she made it to the point they were reading many levels above the expected.
The community and the education loved Marva Collins’ teaching style so much that they named it after her. That form of teaching is known as The Collins Method. This method
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