The Collins And Aristotle 's Impact On The Field Of Education

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Abstract Within this report I will inform you of two diverse educators, Marva Collins and Aristotle, and their significant impact in the field of education. The information provides the reader with a very brief biography of each educator, their contributions within the field of education, as well as their impact on others. There will be a comparison and contrast graph between the two educators, from their philosophies to their own education. This report will even ignite my own personal experiences on the effect of both Marva Collins and Aristotle.

Marva Collins Known as the most influential teacher and education activist, Marva Deloise Nettles, has made an impact on us all. Nettles was born in Monroeville, Alabama on August 31st, 1936 but was raised in Atmore where majority of the segregated schools resided. She was well accustomed to the poor education associated with schools of color. She was also familiar with the minimal access students of color had to the resources that were always available to white students. It went as far as libraries only being appointed to whites. “Black schools lacked sufficient books or even indoor plumbing.” ( Marva came from a background of business people. Her father was a prosperous business man and he did not take education lightly. According to Marva they “were expected to be excellent.” She says they “didn’t have a choice.” So Marva obeyed and took her education as serious as her father. She decided to attend Clark…
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