The Collins Class Submarine Project

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Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to review the Collins Class Submarine Project “Deep trouble”. The primary objective of this report is to analyses the dimensions of risk that need continuous management due to inter-relationships of all elements within Project Management and the importance of stakeholders. The topic was researched through extensive sources, including government bodies, course materials and other sources to provide the relevant information.

In the case of The Collins Class Submarine that is unique in nature given the limited number of indigenous military builds due to their vast amount of stakeholders and resources involved. The consequence of failure is present during the entire project considering the
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The major proton of $4.38 billion was contracted to the Australian Submarine Corporation Pty Ltd (ASC) who’s responsibility was managing subcontracting for the entire project. Swedish tenderer Kockum’s AB type-471 was the chosen design coupled with a combat system that Boeing Australia Limited was to integrate (New Submarine Project 1998). At the time Australia’s industry was unequipped to handle such a task and needed a major injection of resources and skilled labours for the project to commence without ultimate failure (Refer Appendix 1).
Despite the competent skills of the labours eleven years after the tender and billions of dollars later the Royal Australian Navy commissioned an independent tank testing to be carried out. Shortly after this on the 24th July 1999 the ABC Four Corners released a scathing national report on the project and its fundamentally floored management system, stating how the Navy has commissioned none of the six submarines for a taxpayers cost of $5 billion dollars because they are unfit for service and far from battle ready. Aided with the testimony of Commodore Mick Dunne who fears the worst for the fleet (ABC 1999), at the he time was appointed by the Navy to investigate the deficiencies.
The aims of this project are to examine the case study “Deep Trouble’’ where series of events shown in the ABC Four Corners documentary will be applied in reference to the inter-relationships of stakeholders and the associated risks involved.
Project Risk
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