The Collision of Books and Music in the Brain

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“Books are like music to my ears, and Music is like a books imagination (Layla)”. Books and Music have the type of impact that collides together in a person’s left & right lobe. Music and books provide entertainment right) and sense of meaning (left) to our daily lives. Throughout centuries books and music have been passed down over and over, some changing while others stay the same. Books were not always a choice between hard cover and paperback, books were also pictures on a wall or words spoken to children in their villages. Books are stories which can be told through song and dance as well, which brings me to music an historical art that’s been around since the beginning of time. Music isn’t just someone in a studio singing words that were written for them, music is also art that can be illustrated with instruments, lyrics or sound.
The goal is to bring music and books that’ve walk hand and hand together since the beginning a comparison that they deserve credit for.
To begin, music and books are one of the top 5 biggest forms of entertainment in line of TV, phones, and activities. Trying to hold someone’s attention can sometimes be a complicated task but with the correct context, tone and sound you could capture even the smallest attentions. For instance children are one of the hardest attentions to capture but often reading a child a book before bed or playing music in the car can help dramatically. Often in children’s books and music they make the child feel more

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