The Collision of Ones Conscience and Human Law

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Human law is a law generated and made by man. These laws contribute to how society functions and how society is controlled legally. Human law is more familiar to us because our ways of thinking have lived, grown and developed in a society where conforming to human law is practiced by majority. The interference of ones conscience and human law creates an ongoing debate of whether the law or personal morals should come first when a conflict regarding the two presents itself. When choosing between the two, man commonly chooses to trust human law and ignore their conscience in order to feel accepted into society. This diminishes the chances for man to counter and test the unjustness’s in society. The conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment that assists in distinguishing right from wrong. The corruption of governmental control over society leads man to doubt his own ethics and consciousness. The Human Law destructs and damages the most important law of all: Natural Law. Natural law, the law that was bestowed upon us by a higher power, allows man to use his conscience to apply our personal ethics to the world around us. In order to find the moral and ethical solution to a conflict, mans conscience should be trusted and chosen when a conflict between the two arises. In the analogical words of Henry David Thoreau, when man is presented with an unjust law he can do three things: follow it, break it and…
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