The Colonialism Effect Of Africa

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The Colonialism Effect of Africa
As the world races for its place in history, many continents excel on their mark on the map. It is because Africa was in the right place, but in a different time they were taken advantage of their glory. Although it is difficult for Africa to retrace and reclaim its memoirs, it has an origin that had existed before colonialism. The attempt of challenging modern history has desperately provided an economical realm that extracts and injects into Africa resources. Due to various cultural differences from external forces Africa has prevailed. Uniquely enough, the major problems seeded from colonialism had gradually disrupted the progression of billions of Africans living in various societies. As functional as
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Even though African societies existed in a peaceful and prosperous state before colonialism the slow interactions than in turn intersected regional and cultural diversity. In a few cases, indigenous communities had in fact been better off before colonialism. It is important to understand the issues that are represented in African history because of the effects it has globally. The power surge of colonialism changed the lives of billions who were affected by its brute force. Even so the perception of Africa is an indigenous society, even till this day it has casted a shadow on its realities.
Within the transition of European settlements in the early nineteenth century, Europeans wanted to change African societies because of its unusual methods. In this case, Europeans, found African norms unusual and ineffective when actually Africans had thrived in a social order. Furthermore, African societies had proved as a type of utopia of their own ‘Checks & Balances’ in which benefited everyone. In some cases, the form of currency had rendered useless until capital investment were placed on Africa’s resources, including young men used for the transatlantic slave trade and the discovery of oil.
As the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1919, it had created a power vacuum leaving Africa opened for grabs. Territories had than became inherited by the control of Europeans.
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