The Colonies Of The United States

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Captains of these ships were known to throw the sick who can possible get aid when reaching the new world overboard in order to prevent the spread of epidemics. Small proportion of slaves were designated for mainland North America. The other majority of slaves landed in Brazil or the West Indies, where the high death rate on the sugar plantations led to a constant demand for new slave imports. This was a cycle which had led many slave to their deaths so the higher ups can make a pretty penny. In the eighteenth century, the numbers of slaves increased steadily. “Overall the area that was to become the United States imported between 400,000 and 600,000 slaves. By 1770, due to the natural reproduction of the slave’s population, around one-fifth of the estimated 2.3 million persons living in the English colonies of North America were Africans and their descendants.”(136). The three distinct slave system was formed because of the growing numbers there are known as the tobacco-based plantation slavery in Chesapeake, rice-based plantations slavery in South Carolina and Georgia, and non plantation slavery in new England and the Middle Colonies. Doing all this they were supplying countries with valuable agricultural product, while importing large amounts of British goods, and were closely linked in culture and political values to London. As we have seen, the period after 1680 displayed a rapid shift from indentured servitude to slavery on the region’s tobacco
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