The Colonisation Of Australia By Jordan T. Sharp

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The Colonisation of Australia Jordan T. Sharp Charles Sturt University Word Count: 2067 Colonisation was created through the emergence of European capitalism from the 1500’s and continues today. Colonisation depends on the systematic exploitation of environmental and human resources which still continue in today’s societies. Colonisation is the process of where control over spirituality, land, language and education, health and family structures and also culture itself is passed down from the indigenous people to the colonisers. (Colonisation and Racism, 2000.) Pre-invasion in Australia, the aboriginal people had their own way of life, they had been living in Australia “Terra Nullis” for about 50,000 to 120,000 years. They were…show more content…
Aboriginal people built semi-permanent dwellings; as a society emphasis was on the relations in the family, group and country rather than the development of an agrarian society. The land was so important to the Aboriginal people, their ownership and legal systems were far different from the European legal systems. Different areas of land were created by the dreaming creation stories and each individual belonged to certain territories within the family group and also had different spiritual connections, therefore they belonged to their land they didn’t own it. Different systems placed each individual in different relationship to every other person in the groups and determined the behaviour of an individual to one another. This was called the ‘kingship’ system. It also determined the behaviour of individuals and how they spoke to one another, there were the codes of behaviour that outlined their roles on the community. The aboriginal people had different defined roles amongst the community depending on their age and genders; generally the men’s role was the hunter and was also giving the role of managing cultural obligations that were important to their group. Whereas the women’s role in the community was the gatherer where they prepared food for the family, they also had the role of early child rearing and they also had talks in cultural obligations. (Bearndt and Bearndt, 1992). Captain James Cook Landed in Botany Bay in 1770 which at the time
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