The Colonization Of Egypt During The Middle East

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Colonialism is a cultural phenomenon that traces back hundreds of years and has affected nearly every region in the world. The effects of colonialism have significantly affected the countries of the Arab world and the Middle East. The 1800 's were known as the "colonial era", and most of the occupation in the Middle East took place during that era. While we are supposedly living in the days of "post colonialism”, there are still signs of colonization evident in the Arab world today. Throughout the readings of Fatima Mernissi and Ahdaf Soueif, the reader comes across the theme of colonization. The British colonization of Egypt is very similar to the French colonization of Morocco during the 19th century. Despite the negative connotations imperialism has in history, after reading the novels, in the long run colonization has given more opportunities to the lives of Egyptians and Moroccans, especially women, in the terms of individual freedom. Throughout her work Fatima Mernissi makes it clear that gender roles played an important role in her household particularly. Women in Mernissi’s harem were not allowed to leave the harem without prior approval from the elder men. Through it all, Fatima 's mother and grandmother, Yasmina, encourage Fatima to seek freedom of her own. One of Fatima’s main influences is her mother who learns to passively rebel against the strict patriarchal system in the harem by stating, “The French do not imprison their wives behind walls, my dear

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