The Colonization Of New England

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If you wanted to record the beginning of English colonist history in North America, you would have to begin with the settlements of New England. The English colonists had to endure the ecological challenges of New England, oppose to the conditions they were accustomed to in England. They also had to coexist with the original inhabitants of the lands the Native American Indians for information on techniques of agriculture for proper sustainability, and for trade pur-poses. English colonists had to obtain knowledge from Native Americans along with learning from trial and error to master the ecological challenges they faced while establishing settlements within New England. Coping with environmental challenges to facilitate survival on the day to day basis was the first hurdle the English colonists had to overcome. The ultimate goal of the colonists was after mastering the terrain of New England was to distinguish the natural commod-ities of the region to obtain maximum production of resources for profit to themselves and the mother country of Great Britain. Before English colonists settled into the New England area the only human inhabitants that could’ve caused ecological change within the area where the Native American Indians. Eng-lish colonists perceive the Native Americans to be poor in living conditions and civil matters, but were rich with abundance of resources which were the fruits of living in North America. The New England area in particular was a richly diverse
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