The Colonization Of The New World

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“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”, that’s exactly how all the ethnic groups wanted to accomplish dealing with this discovery in this foreign land with farming and the dry land possession in many field spirituals. The colonization’s in the New World was consistently complex to keep peace during those days from wars and competition for claiming the land of opportunities. Between the cultural differences, the Spanish, the Dutch, the French and the English, it was truly a sacrifice for each of them to fight and go for the same power, wealth, and national glory, but it could only belong to one. They eventually had to go in different paths and for each of them to conquer want they wanted to have because it did come with a price to pay. Everyone had their different reasons of why they came to the New World and when all of them arrived at different times the Spanish, Dutch, French, and the English had different ways to colonize the land of opportunities. The differences between the English and how they colonized their new world is that they would have their government involved too much from making decisions for wars, rules, and their colonies were mostly men. Specifically in Virginia the English only wanted single men, not families, not so much diversity when it came to families. However, the English colonized the Massachusetts Bay as well, which flourished with families. The English, saw coming to the new land as a precious gift, as
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