The Color And How Vision Is The Most Important Out Of Our Senses

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Throughout the course of this semester, we have been learning about how and why we perceive our sensations the way that we do. We have learned about color and how vision is the most important out of our senses. If our eyes are the most valuable, what happens when one can’t perceive color the way most people do?
Being able to perceive color plays a huge role in our everyday life; from getting dressed to even being qualified for a job. There are many challenges that people with color blindness face each day. To name a few, they aren’t able to tell if their meat is fully cooked, whether their clothes match, and aren’t able to tell the difference between traffic light colors (Beck, 2012).
Those who are colorblind are able to recognize strong colors, but it is the blended and muted colors that are included in what they see that makes it hard for them to tell the colors apart. It is all depended on what type of colorblindness someone has that determines what colors they can and cannot see (Beck, 2015). Most people think of individuals who are colorblind as not being able to see color, only seeing black, gray, and white, but this isn’t true. People who are colorblind can see color but have trouble seeing it the way most people do. Colorblindness means that one has difficulty seeing red, green, or blue. For one to see no color at all, is very rare. Those who are colorblind can have trouble reading and learning, due to the fact they perceive color differently. However, they can…
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