The Color Line : Mass Media And Systemic Racism

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The problem of the 21st Century is the problem of the color line: Mass Media and Systemic Racism
In the Souls Of Black Folk , Du Bois starts his collection by stating that “the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.” (p. 34 Forethought Du. Bois) Du Bois’s conception of the “problem of the color line” is an apt diagnosis for the problems about racialized identities of his time and is still applicable for the Twenty-first century. Du Bois’s “problem of the color line” can be seen operating in the dominant media coverage of recent events of excessive police brutality directed toward African Americans. “The problem of the color line” is still evident in the 21st century with institutionalized racism and discrimination which continue to oppress people of color.
In this paper first I will outline Du Bois definition of the problem of the color line, and argue that it is an apt diagnosis for the problem of the 21st century. In particular, I will argue that the media’s presentation of issues surrounding racial injustices contributes to the promotion and perpetuation of this systemic racism. Specifically, I will maintain that this media coverage negatively affects blacks such that we suffer from double-consciousness and it impedes us from gaining a “true self-consciousness”. I will also propose that the media coverage of racial injustices perpetuates the problem of the color line by creating a distorted image of the African American. I will also evaluate
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