The Color Of Blood And Symbolizes Life

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As a person I feel I am very extrovert, energetic, with lot of passion, full of love, and with a little high temperament. Ever asked what color suits my personality or what color I relate myself to its “RED”. It’s not only me who thinks this, even my friends and classmates think I am a vibrant person. They often refer me as ‘optimistic and courageous’. So, if I have to create color of my brand, it’s obviously RED.
Red is the warmest of all color. One side it shows as ‘symbol of love’, other side it’s also used for ‘danger’. It’s the color of blood and symbolizes life. It also is the color of passion. It very well describes my personality.
Brand is not a logo or a symbol. My Brand says what I am as a person. It speaks for me.
Developing my brand took intensive research from my side. First and foremost that I had to keep in mind was to see whether,
My self-impression = how people perceive me.
It was interesting to find that people thought the same what I had notions about me. The next step which I took in my personal branding was to find a ‘niche’ where I could master my own domain, so that there were not many competitors. My target audience at early stage was my inner circle which includes my friends, their friends, my relatives, persons attached to them, college people, and all those who in a way are related to me. Later after successful creating my brand I could expand my circle.
Seeing people’s increasing fondness toward social media I…
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