The Color Of Blood And Symbolizes Life

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DEVELOP YOUR BRAND As a person I feel I am very extrovert, energetic, with lot of passion, full of love, and with a little high temperament. Ever asked what color suits my personality or what color I relate myself to its “RED”. It’s not only me who thinks this, even my friends and classmates think I am a vibrant person. They often refer me as ‘optimistic and courageous’. So, if I have to create color of my brand, it’s obviously RED. Red is the warmest of all color. One side it shows as ‘symbol of love’, other side it’s also used for ‘danger’. It’s the color of blood and symbolizes life. It also is the color of passion. It very well describes my personality. Brand is not a logo or a symbol. My Brand says what I am as a person. It…show more content…
I created a blog writing a wholesome all about me and my character shades. I defined the color red and then my personality which very well explained them about me and thus helped me building a stringer connection. I tried to build network with as many people as possible through Facebook. I had also a business card made in red color so that it stands out and also gave a gist of my brand. It’s unique and people will remember it for long time. After brand building next step is Brand communication. It is the art of bridging the gap about the perceptions the target audiences have about the brand. Brand should communicate the good quality and good source. This should be kept in mind that brand is anything that describes you. Color red signifies energy, being proactive, and attention grabber. Color increases brand recognition up to around 80 %. Personal branding is a never ending journey. After I identified my quality the same has to be communicated to the people as my brand image. In brand communication the PROMISE and PERSONALITY should shine through. Promise included the commitments I make and personality included my nature i.e. positive, committed, true and heroic. It was communicated through effective media like: • Brand workshops • Collage building • Monitor and guide social media • Email • Blog MARKETING PLAN DEVELOPMENT Process of new product development involved the following: • Idea generation: Idea for the
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