What Is The Relationship Between Race Ethnicity And Crime

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Chapter 4 in The Color of Justice: Race, ethnicity, and crime in America, was about the relations between society and law enforcement officers. This has been a major topic, especially in the United States for a long time. The unfortunate statistic that minorities are more likely to encounter being killed, arrested, and victimized by excessive physical force; has been a real issue even in today’s society. However, police departments are trying to combat the way police officers interact with the community; especially those of color. Although steps have been takes there are still some instances where police aggression happens. With all of the issues that arise between certain minority populated community’s police it is evident that conflict…show more content…
The second argument is, maybe police officers just know what they are looking for. For example, last semester I had to watch a video and a police officer said, “We aren’t racially profiling, we just know who is involved with who when you work in the same area for a long period of time.” There really is not explaining that statement. Now yes, there are some police officers that do racially profile people, but if a police officer works in a certain area for a length of time, he or she knows who and what to look for.
On the other hand, officers have to deal with getting complaints from the community as well. “One of the greatest sources of tension between police and minorities in the perceived failure of police departments to adequately to citizen complaints” (Walker et. al, 2012:170). Police have complaints filed against them all the time because of the high number might be a reason too, why not all of the complaints are adequately taken care of. I believe that the police department should have some bias against some complaints because some complaints can become a little outrageous. However, I also believe that if the person filing the complaint has enough evidence to prove what happened, really happened, then the process will move forward. Now, being a police officer’s wife, when a complaint is filed against my husband, for whatever reason, the
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