The Color Of The Ring Speech Analysis

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Today, February 24th, I attended the African American Conference from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, and it was held in the Maucker Union. I was able to hear speaker Rasheed Ali and Rose Loggins. They were both so very inspiring and interesting to listen to. Rasheed talked a lot about connecting with students. He had mentioned how we can choose to be color blind, but are really? He said that research reveals that it is nearly impossible not to notice race, especially the physical features of people of color. I totally agree with that statement because even though we can look past people and see them for who they truly are, we still notice the color of their skin. I will always remember what he said just shortly after that. “Do not judge people by skin, but by content of character.” I just think of that as another way to say, do not judge a book by its cover. Once you start building relationships and getting to know your students more, you will be able to see their true character.…show more content…
She talked about how before her and her husband got a divorce, they used to fight a lot. They didn’t just fight mentally, but physically as well. She has 3 sons, and they would all be able to hear them fight. The reason she was telling us this was because as educators, we need to realize that we do not know our students’ life stories. We do not know everything that goes on back at home, so we need to be cautious on what we say and do. I love how she said, “The teacher may be the nicest person to a student that day, and they can really make a huge impact on that one student.” That made me think, if I were to give all my students a hug each day, that might be the only hug some of the children receive that day. That makes me sad to think about, but it makes me more well aware that what I do to my students matters a lot to
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