The Color Of Water Essay

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When you hear the words 1960’s what do you think of? Most people will say Black power, Vietnam war, The Beatles or even the assassination of John F. Kennedy. To many people this is a time period that will change America for many years to come but for some people like James McBride it was something that he kept in the back of his mind and wasn’t important at that time for the most part. Instead in the 1960’s the only thing that ran through his mind was his family and by family I mean his eleven brothers and sisters and most importantly his mother Ruth McBride Jordan, when family is everything all that we got, finding past history and trying to get answers to unsolved questions is something that is quite difficult for most of us but for…show more content…
In The Color of Water James McBride struggles to discover who he truly was as his mother explains to him the difficulties that she had to overcome as a white, Jewish woman and later on marrying a black…show more content…
Now to start off nothing about this church sound nice or functional, like how can you just take down the picture of the original owner of the church because of some funds in my opinion that makes no sense also they attended to disrespect another original owner which is Ruth and not probably introduce her, this just shows to tell you that even the things you own can be taken away, and this same concept still applies to this century now. In conclusion the book the color of water I enjoyed very much because most books will just have one kind of point of view but this book had a child and his mother and to figure out some history from both sides makes it interesting, and the certain chapters I talked about in the story is what I found was most important and interesting and I believe most people would agree, and this is a book I would highly
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