The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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In the novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker uses men to push Celie to the attraction and affection of women. Celie’s abused by the two men in her life that should protect her, her stepfather and husband. Celie’s used to being victimized by men that she clings onto women because they provide her with a sense of being and motivation. The sexual and physical abuse that Celie encountered pushed her to the attraction and affection of Shug Avery. Everything that the men lack to give Celie, Shug have given her, such as a reason to smile, instructions on how to please her body, and security.
“You gonna do what your mammy wouldn’t.” “He start to choke me, saying You better shut up and git used to it” (3). This scene consists of a vulgar sexual encounter occurring between Celie and her stepfather. This opening scene informs the reader to look forward to a depressing story about Celie an abused teenager, forced to have sex with her stepfather because her mother’s too sick to provide care of his sexual needs. Her stepfather constantly rapes her and she becomes pregnant twice. Celie’s fears that her stepfather will rape her little sister so she lays down and let him rape her. Celie’s abusive stepfather’s the first male that had her seeking the affection and attraction of women.
Celie’s weak minded until Shug Avery gives her a sense of being. “And now when I dream, I dream of Shug Avery” (8). She’s infatuated with Shug Avery after she sees a picture of her, falling in love with Shug the…

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