The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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The Color Purple, is a novel written by the American author Alice Walker. The novel won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and is also regarded to be her most successful piece of work. It has developed into an award winning film and was recently made into a Broadway play. The story continues to impress readers throughout the decades due to its brutal honesty. The novel successfully and truthfully demonstrates what life was like for black women during the early twentieth century. The book discusses the major struggles that women endured throughout history in the South. After the Civil War, racism towards black American’s hit it’s all time peak. Both black men and women had to live with the constant hatred and brutal abuse from members of the white society. Not only were women viewed as less important by black men, they were also oppressed by white men. This sadly caused black women to become highly unprivileged. In the novel, discrimination towards women is very prevalent. Women discrimination is a motif throughout the novel and it is also the most significant theme. The women in the novel form bonds that are important to the development of the plot and the theme. The women in the novel grow as a whole and give each other strength, power, and hope. Since Walker had to live with the torture and abuse, she does not hide from the harsh reality of how women are treated in the African American culture. Walker has written this novel to show how women have been able to gain rights…

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