The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple, grew up in the harsh conditions of the South in the 1940’s. Alice walker was raised in the middle of the Women’s Rights Movement and had to find hope to get through all of the challenges she had to face. In The Color Purple, Alice Walker uses the main character, Celie, as an example of hope. Hope helps Celie overcome oppression, abuse, and other challenges. Celie is used as an example of the life of a woman during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, and how she had to cope with all of the hardships life threw at her. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain things to happen. By having hope, Celie is able to believe that one day everything will be will be the way she wants. Growing up in the the midst of the Women’s Rights Movement, Alice Walker was surrounded with prejudice of women by men. Men expected women to do what were known as womanly things such as cook, clean the house, do laundry, as well as many other household chores. Women, in the eyes of men, were looked at as children to a certain degree. They also got beat when something was not done correctly, and got punished as if they were a child. While the men worked, women usually stayed at home to maintain the household and take care of the children. There was not a lot of job opportunities for women at the time because men thought they were not smart or skilled enough. Women spent most of their time staying at home because they were not allowed to

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