The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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The Color Purple is an passionate novel based on the letters wrote by a hopeless black woman who goes by Miss Celie. In Celie’s letters, she illuminates the negative boundaries in role of tradition gender, sexism, racism and sexual relationship. Those negative boundaries have set up the unfairness treatment for black women in early twenty century. Back then, base on norms, men should play in masculine roles, which usually related to strength, controlling, and dominance, while women should play in feminine roles which are usually related to weak, nurturing, and obey. The social position is base on one’s skin color, white people always have higher position than black. Some black had been treated less than human, specially for those black women. On relationship, it is normal that person is only attracted to the opposite sex. Due to these inequality boundaries, many characters in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple have breaches the boundaries; Sofia’s strength and rude, Harpo’s timidity and weakness, the sexual ambiguity that develop between Celie and Shug also the sexual abuse from Celie’s childhood. since it is not appropriate to cross the boundaries back in early twenty century, they all learn the way to accept the true and behave from those around them. Sofia bear the consequence to been impolite to mayor’s wife, Harpo changed become more manly, furthermore, Celie and Shug Avery hide their feeling inside. It is not their fault to cross the boundaries, all people are equal,…

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