The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender” (Yahwon). Alice Walker views herself as a womanist. Although a womanist and feminist are similar, the two terms are not exactly the same. According to Professor Tamara Baeouboeuf-Lafonant:
[Womanism] focuses on the experiences and knowledge bases of black women [which] recognizes and interrogates the social realities of slavery, segregation, sexism, and economic exploitation this group has experienced during its history in the United States. Furthermore, womanism examines these realities and black women’s responses without them as variation or derivation of black male or white female behavior and social circumstances. (Yahwon)
Walker’s womanist mindset is evident throughout her novel, The Color Purple and is overall the main theme of the novel. Walker utilized several literary devices to express the novels true meaning of womanism. Celie’s diary entries evoke a very personal atmosphere of the novel and keep the structure of the novel parallel. The several diary entries are not the only things that make the novel personable. Celie’s narration of the novel and recounting of personal experiences also make the novel personal. Walker’s language throughout the novel helps expand the detailed descriptions of her characters and the scenes. Walker’s plot structure resembles one of a movie with conflict, climax, and resolution which displays the development of Celie. Each letter, or diary entry, is important to the entire novel as
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