The Color Purple: Literary Analaysis

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"A man shall not be judged by the color of their skin by the content of their character," Martin Luther King Jr once said. But does this logic always apply in the real world? In many societies, there seems to be a shift of roles based not fully on character and quality but on gender, race and class. The community tends to assign positions, drawing itself onto the denial of roles to the odds. Alice Walker, in her book "The Color Purple" brings the readers to the realization of this fact of life, as she describes the life and emotions of a typical black woman, in such a society, seeking happiness and achievement. Racism and discrimination may be long gone but their principles have a lasting effect on the society. Walker…show more content…
Her life never showed her any reason why she should be worth what she was actually worth. Celie had never experienced true love even from her mother or her father but only from her dearest sister. As she goes through her usual sufferings of life, she comes across some people who begin to understand her feelings. Shug Avery and other women of love, try to show her the real world and how much the society had blinded her. Celie's realization that "women do need a little fun, once in a while," leads to her denial and refutation of the roles that the society places on gender, race and class. She begins to model her life to her dreams, and no longer to the way the society expects it. She follows her passion and helps others to come out the same way. Alice Walker convinces the readers that life is not about pleasing the society and those in authority, but about pleasing oneself. This principle followed in her book, eventually leads Celie to a sense of self-accomplishment and happiness. Through her understanding that "if yellow is a name, black is the same," Celie finally feels just like every other person- free to satisfy herself, being restrained no more by anybody else. She stood firm, with her God for help, in the paths she believed was right. In "the Color Purple," Alice Walker describes the life of a typical black woman as she struggles in the society that clearly expresses their hatred for such race and gender. Societies seem to favor the "better" race

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