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Purple America America was in its prime in the 1920’s. A time of many drastic changes, 1920’s Americans enjoyed a booming economy, a prosperous and wealthy upper-class society, and general international and national peace. For African Americans; however, the 1920’s meant facing economic struggle, racial prejudices, and gender stereotypes. In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, the main character Celie experiences many boundaries within the workforce, domestics, and society of the 1920’s. Through many attempts to better her lifestyle and display her individuality, Celie finds life extremely difficult in the prejudiced, 1920’s South. Alice Walker did not experience the same discrimination Celie fights against, but, Walker portrays her …show more content…
By the end of the novel; however, Celie breaks all traditions and stereotypes of blacks and women of the time period by opening her own pants business and living independently. Though Walker did not directly face the gender and racial prejudices of the 1920’s, mid-century life taught Walker many life lessons which she never forgot, and later described in her writing. Growing up, Walker’s parents taught Walker to reach for her dreams and never give up hope of achieving them. The Color Purple deals with Celie aspiring for great goals similar to Walker: self-respect, pride, and success. Walker’s parents instilled in Walker the ability to choose her own path in life, and to make of it what she wanted (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Later to write about the fictional character Celie in The Color Purple, Walker portrays her young childhood dreams through Celie’s free-minded and ambitious character. Gloria Steinem writes, “The…pleasure of The Color Purple is watching people…work out the moral themes in their lives (Steinem 424). At first, Celie mentally isolates herself, and reveals her fears, hopes, and emotions solely to God through her daily prayer. Celie believes through religious introversion and keeping secrets from her husband, her life will improve and she will better herself, her lifestyle, and find happiness. As Celie’s life progresses;

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