The Color Red : ' Red Equals Sex ' ( Park 1 )

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Allison Malott Mrs. Gumina English III Hr. 5 20 March 2015 Seeing Red “Red equals sex” (Park 1). Is that the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the color red? Sex? Most answers may be no, especially those of the younger crowd, but what about the older crowd? In this psychological experiment, the color red is taken into different measures and researchers begin to find different meanings behind the color red. Although, what is so special about the color red, or any other colors? Psychologists and researchers have found over time that colors and the way we interpret them have an extreme effect on our emotions. (Rochester 1). Different colors, such as red, create different moods in our body which affects our emotions, changing the way we perceive the color. Most people don’t know that color has a significant role on their emotions towards the different colors (Rochester 1). For example, in this psychological experiment, the main test used to determine the difference in the color red over other colors, is presented in a photo of a woman wearing a blue t-shirt and also the same exact photo of the woman, but the color of the shirt was changed to red. The results may surprise you. The color red affects our body in many ways more than just our emotions, yet we never seem to realize it! “At the sight of red, the human blood pressure, heart rate and pulse increase dramatically” (Fry 1). The color red is mostly interpreted as sexually inviting and more desirable when
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