The Color White Is A Color

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The color white is a great color to use when decorating the interior of the home. It brings a feel of cleanliness to just about any room. Unfortunately the color white can be a difficult color to decorate with if it is not used properly throughout the home. If the color white is not accented with some other colors and shades it can make a home feel very dull and boring. Follow these steps and your home can be decorated with the color white beautifully throughout. The secret to the color white is that you must understand the tones that you are working with. While all colors fall within a range of tones that are either warm or cool, the color white is no different and you must understand this before decorating your home. Interior decorating is not so hard once you have developed a sense of colors and styles. The color white, although it may seem like a very simple color, is one of the most complex color of all when it comes to interior decorating. The color white can be used throughout the entire home. Bathrooms are a great place to start when it comes to interior decorating with the color white. Use a crisp clean white for the walls and accent with colored towels and accessories. White rugs can be used as long as the underlying floor is not white. You do not want to use the color white too much to the point that it creates a sense of plainness in any room of the home. In the living room, the color white is a great option for furniture. A white sofa and loveseat will really…
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