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The Color of Water Introductory Note 1. What framework does the author give the story? * The author gives the story from two different perspectives one from the mother’s perspective, Ruth, and the other from the son’s perspective, James. 2. What is the ethnic background of the author? * The ethnic background of the author is Caucasian and African-American. Chapter 1: Dead 1. Why is this chapter written in italics? * This chapter was written in Italics because it was written from a different point of view which was Ruth’s perspective who talks about her past as a child. 2. Why is the mother reluctant to talk about her family? * Ruth is reluctant to talk about her family because she felt that was…show more content…
This was a reward to James because he never had the opportunity to be with his mother alone since she always occupied with something. 10. What does the author notice about his mother’s appearance, and what advice does she give him when he asks her about different looks? * James notices that his mother’s skin color than his friends’ mothers’ skin color are different, so Ruth tells him “Who cares about your friends’ mothers’ skin color? Just educate your mind.” 11. What effect does this advice have on the author when Mommy is not at the bus stop one day? * This advice makes James as a child not to talk to ANYONE when his mom is late at the bus stop one day. Chapter 3: Kosher 1. What piece of paper did the author’s mother carry for twenty years, and why did she carry it? * Ruth carried a legal paper that says the date when she arrived in America. She carried it everywhere because she didn’t want to be thrown out if she was questioned. 2. Where did the author’s mother first live in America? * Ruth first lived on 115th street and St. Nicholas in Manhattan with her grandmother, Bubeh. 3. What does the author’s mother say about Bubeh’s wig? * Ruth says her grandmother, Bubeh, was bald under her wig, or Shaytl, the religious custom. 4. How does Mommy describe the kosher rituals of her grandparents? * Ruth described the kosher rituals of her grandparents as a

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