The Colossal Statue Of King Tuthankhamun And The Lamassu

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The Colossal Statue of King Tuthankhamun and the Lamassu are amazing works of art. Of the eight works assigned, these two particularly caught my eye. The two pieces, though very different, have many similarities. In this paper, I will discuss these similarities and differences of style in terms of their overall shape, proportions, and individual parts.
The Lamassu of the Assyrian kingdom was quite large in size as it guarded the entrances to the throne room of the Assyrian king. The size of the winged bull with a human head was surely an important part in guarding the gates and instilling fear in all that passed it. It is a relief sculpture of mostly high relief elements as the wings are the only parts that appear to be in low relief. The entire body, except the head, is in profile view. I believe that this was done purposely to create a gaze between the Lamassu and whoever passed it in order to instill fear. The head is also not proportioned with the rest of the body as it appears smaller than that of which it should be. The head of the Lamassu is also decorated with possibly a crown of some sort, earrings, and a beard. His beard has a distinct pattern that creates texture amongst as well as within his earrings. This same textured pattern can also be seen in different areas of the bull body as well as the bottom of the tail. The bull body is strong and muscular as veins can even be seen bulging out in the muscles of its legs. All of these details are important as they also…
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