The Columbian Exchange And The Colonization Of The Americas

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“The Columbian Exchange” When considering the discoveries of the Americas, commonly one may recall only the presence of Christopher Columbus and the fact that his discovery, or more appropriately rediscovery, brought forth the colonization of certain areas of the Americas, leading, in due time, to a variety of thriving economies that engage in mass import and export between themselves and the world at large. In doing so, it is thus forgotten that, prior to any establishment of a United States, the early colonies engaged in mass export of goods, those being primarily crops, often used as cuisine for both man and beast, secondarily animals, and, tertiary to other exports given that it was not known or planned by those partaking in the business of export, disease, though the transport of disease was more focused and tragic in the area of import for those not of European descent. Speaking specifically to the export of grown crops, the most diverse and extensive of export fields, one must identify the types of plants that were available for export from the Americas and to whom said plants could, and later would be, exposed to. Thus, it must be noted that primarily corn, potatoes, cassava, and various beans and squashes, followed secondarily by the less important sweet potato, papaya, pineapple, tomato, avocado, guava, peanuts, chili peppers, and cacao, the most important of which, corn, or Maize to those less modern, became popular within the area of North America itself and

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