Essay on The Columbian Exchange: Between the Old World and New World

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The Columbian Exchange is a global exchange of goods and ideas between the Old World (Europe, Asia and Africa) and the New World (America). When Columbus first discovered America, Spain wanted to set up colonies. Columbus found some people that he named “Indians.” They colonies started to trade with each other, and by doing do, they started the Columbian Exchange. Many countries were involved in this trade, including China, Africa and Italy. This exchange of new ideas, traditions, food, religion and diet changed cultures everywhere. The Native Americans gave and received many items. One of the most important items that the Indians received was horses. Before horses, Indians had no way of carrying heavy loads from place to place. When…show more content…
Another important item was that the Europeans introduced to them were different types of medicine. The Indians already had medicine and healing (herbs) of their own, but the European way was much more effective. In return, the Indians also gave the Europeans some herbal treatments. Europe, Asia, and Africa received many goods, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes and tobacco. Both types of potato influenced many countries diets including China and Ireland. Tobacco was another important addition to Europe and other places in the Old World. Many people loved it. They could chew it, smoke it and snuff it. These who sold the tobacco made a lot of money. Also, many new vegetables from the New World such as tomatoes, peppers and corn went to the Old World and added to people’s diets, which resulted in better health because they received more nutrition and vitamins from the new foods. Along with all the positive things that the Columbian Exchange, there were negative things passed between the two worlds. Europeans diseases came to the New World. Diseases such as typhus, chicken pox, small pox and influenza plagued the Native Americans. Since they had never been exposed to these diseases, most of them were virtually wiped out from the sickness. In Europe, tobacco love was growing and soon it became a problem. Many people were getting sick or dying from starting to make and smoke cigars with the tobacco. Today, America, Asia, Europe, Japan and Africa still
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