The Columbine High School Shooting

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Between the comings and goings of an average day in America there are momentous events that fall across the globe and stain history for better or for worse. These world-changing occurrences are often wrought with tragedy, and cling to the mind with the sharp talons of loss. More often than not, unfortunate events have a way of establishing a camaraderie among humanity, setting in motion a gentle shift in people 's disdain for others- if only for a moment- and allowing them to move together and reinvent the rules and techniques; readjusting and shifting until something that works is sealed into standard procedure. From turmoil and hurt, humanity corrects itself and grows. Of these events, the Columbine High School shooting comes to many as one that completely morphed America 's culture and sense of security. The assault was carried out by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, students of the school and close friends. They had nourished the idea, feeding it hours of attention and deep consideration. Then, they went forward with it on April 20, 1999. The boys took the event seriously, setting up decoy bombs and then positioning their vehicles in the school parking lot with an arsenal and military methods of execution prepared to put in motion. They ending thirteen lives, including their own. The ruin caused by the shooting would have been greater, had the plan prevailed. Their actions had a severe impact on the way many people live and think. When one sifts through the information…
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