The Columbine Massacre

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The Columbine Massacre Were They Pushed or Did They Jump What would drive two seemingly normal high schoolers to try and slaughter everyone they went to school with? Was it the bullying, angst or video games and movies? Or none of the above. As we examine what led up to one of the worst domestic terrorist acts in American history I think we’ll that find Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold weren’t your average teenagers. In my opinion they were cold blooded killers who had every intention to take as many lives as they could. At approximately 11:10 on April 20th 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went to their high school and carried out a coordinated attack, killing twelve students and one teacher before eventually turning the guns on themselves.…show more content…
He makes statements like “The pain multiplies infinitely. Never stops. Yet I’m here, STILL alone, still in pain.”… “I’d rather have nothing than be nothing.” One of the last pages in Dylan’s journal was him and Eric’s plan for the massacre and it goes like this. Walk in, set bombs at 11:09, for 11:17. Leave. Drive to clemete Park. Gearup. Get back by 11:15. Park cars. Set car bombs for 11:18. Get out, go to outside hill, wait. When first bombs go off, attack. Have fun! Dylan’s journals start off very suicidal and progressively more hateful until him and Eric are on the same level and were set on completing their final mission. During their senior year Eric and Dylan starred in a short film for a class called “Hitmen for Hire” where they foreshadowed themselves walking around Columbine in their trenchcoats and talked about “relocating” other students. Even though in the film they talk about killing other students that are bullying another student, who hires Eric and Dylan for twenty dollars a day to protect him, Eric says “you know we can’t have weapons on school grounds.” There are too many similarities to think that this short film for a class was simply just that, I believe at this time (December 1998) the duo had a plan and they were intentionally foreshadowing it through this

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