Essay on The Columbine Massacre and Increase Regulations Since Then

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The day of the Columbine Massacre is a day that will forever burn a hole in America’s heart. The nation was shocked at the news that on April 20, 1999, high school seniors Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went on a precisely planned shooting rampage at their school, Columbine High School. This event killed a total of thirteen individuals, including twelve students and one highly heroic teacher, and wounded many. The reportedly troubled boys had often accused others of having bullied them, which raised the question of how apparent the warning signs were of their rampage. Because this incident was one of the first known school shootings throughout the nation, many of its specific details were taken into account to help protect schools all…show more content…
Around roughly 11:14, the boys entered the school carrying two twenty pound propane bombs and headed toward the cafeteria to plant the bombs, set for explosion at 11:17 am . They returned back to their cars after planting the bombs awaiting the explosions to shoot any students trying to escape. On their way back to their car, a classmate by the name of Brooks Brown approached Harris and asked him why he had missed a test in the earlier class. Brown recalls Harris telling him “It doesn’t matter anymore. Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here. Go home.” The boys then reached at their cars and waited for the bombs to explode. After noticing that they had failed to go off, Klebold, who was armed with a 9-mm semi-automatic handgun and a 12-gauge double-barrel sawed-off shotgun, Harris, armed with a 9-mm carbine rifle and a 12-gauge pump sawed-off shotgun, and both with numerous knifes and bombs , chose to walk toward the school, hiding their weapons in their black trench coats. Harris and Klebold fired their first shots outside the West Entrance near the library. Seventeen year old Rachel Scott was killed almost instantly, and Richard Castaldo was injured with shots in the arm, chest, abdomen, and back . The two proceeded to the cafeteria, shooting and wounding Sean Graves, Lance Kirklin, and Daniel Rohrbough. Harris and Klebold then turned around and began to shoot at five students eating in the grass. Four of the students were able to escape, with
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