The Columbus Trial

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The trial of Columbus versus the state took place is took place and was a grueling debate of whether or not Columbus was to be sentenced for the crimes that were committed or not to be. As the prosecution continued to charge Columbus the defence continually discredited there arguement because of how they evidently had no proof that Columbus himself was responsible for the crimes committed. At first this made it very interesting as the trail was not just a push over. However very quickly it became boring a repetitive for the jury to watch. Then with the constant yelling of objection it became painstaking long to watch as it seemed like there wasn't even a trail going on. In addition to that the fifteen minute long answer by one of the witnesses was extremely drawn out seeing as no new information was presented except for at the start because of how the witness refused to give a yes or no answer and kept repeating her statement. Although the rest of the trail was pretty well done. Both side of the trail were very well prepared making for the most part an eventful fun to watch. The constant screaming between mostly Mason and James was to say the least very funny and especially with the constant belittlement of James. The reason I voted the way I did was because of how, like I stated before, the evidence brought against Columbus was all…show more content…
During the first forty five minutes I researched quite a bit on my phone until I was given a Ipad. The Ipads are horrible. They have not been updated in years and are impossible to type accurately in years. The only thing I was able to accomplish was some notes and a few sources during that whole period and all its confusion. If the issue of the humanities kids in the library could be fixed that would fix many productivity issues. Other then that my research and time was used well to get the assignments done in
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