The Columns In Ancient Greece

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Columns are Architectural Components which is used to support buildings as temples, roofs, ceiling and other buildings. Also they give an Aesthetic to buildings. Most Columns Consists of three main parts, which are base, shaft and capital. The Greeks is Known of developing column Styles, This Columns is still being used till today. The Three Main Orders Are Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.
The Doric orderis the simplest, oldest and most massive form of the three main orders. The Greeks have developed the Doric Style in The 7th Century B.C. This Style was used in the old Greeks buildings such as Hephaisteion and Parthenon in Athens. Doric was the mainly basic column in the Greek designs, Their shafts are carved with concave curves called flutes, it’s capital is Smooth and plain where it’s bottom is rounded section, which is well known as “echinus”. One of the Doric’s advantage is that it’s plain is shaft is divided into twenty separate sides, or flutes.
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Ionic Column is used for the first time in eastern part of Greece in the 4th Century B.C. it’s decorated and ornamented more than Doric order, it’s also characterized by twenty four flutes around their diameter. Ionic Order Ratio between its tall and its wide is nine to 1, by this it gives the column a taller and thinner Shape than previous designs. Ionic columns have a bulge within their shafts to help the column appears Straight and makes the shafts appears to be the same diameter along its length.
Corinthian order is not much used by the Greeks; it’s named after the city of Corinth. Corinthian Column was used in the end of the 4th Century B.C. it’s the most decorated and ornamented column of all Greek Columns, The ratio between its tall and wide is ten to one, by that it makes it appear more skinny than Doric and Ionic Orders. One of the oldest and most known designs that Corinthian Columns are used in, is Apollo
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