The Comback of Global Warming

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The Comeback of Global Warming (Global Warming vs. the environmental “solutions”) Who could turn or live back 50 decades ago without technologic advances, mass media invention and the most important pure air? Sometimes I spend time with my grandmother who lives in the interior of the island of Puerto Rico and I enjoy what she tells me her stories about her youth and the environment where she was surrounded. Suddenly she expresses me how she misses living in those times, when she used to go to the rivers to pass the day in the water or in simple a fun water puddle, enjoying the nature. It’s sad and lamentable what we have to see and hear about the damage of our planet. How Mother Nature is decaying in her environment and shows sense…show more content…
Therefore the result is the same, they can try but theirs effort are hold when interfere gaining millions for the invention, money, money and money. At least we cannot lose hope totally now, some compromise environmentalists have developed an effective air turbines system which generates renewable energy to the consumers of electricity and provides real economic relieve at its users. Simple technologic that should be imitated, installing that system where it can be possible around the globe! The government plans should be conscious about people’s needs and concert, trying to choice better options, unfortunately I have to think that sometimes we don’t know if the remedy than the sickness is better. Likewise, the case of the ideas of block sun, using balloons military planes or forest artificial tree to suck carbon dioxide and others more desperate like shooting pollutions particles into earth’s upper atmosphere to block the sun rays, even though, which ones could have cause side effects, with no resolve for the global warming as supposed. John Holden respected Harvard professor and advisor of AL Gore and president Obama questions all the effects and consequences which could have the execute these ideas and have advertised that of Cape Cod and

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