The Combat Feminine Warrior Paradigm

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Marc Brueggemann Dr. Horgan Ph.D. Sociology 101 21 September 2015 Topic assignment The author argues the “combat masculine-warrior paradigm is the essence of military culture. This paradigm persists today even with the presence of “others” (e.g. women and gays) who do not fit the stereotypical image of combatant or masculine warrior.” In a 5-paragraph essay, discuss how the presence of women or gays will cause the military culture to change. Karen O. Donovan 's article about military culture explores military tradition, and the impact social changes in society has on the military. These changes included the policy change regarding gays six years ago. At that time gays were acknowledged in the military when the military ended years old…show more content…
She also says “This “battle” will continue-major social change will evolve, and problems (e.g., sexism and gay bashing) will persist because the evolving model contradicts the underlying paradigm.”(Donovan, p.10). As a result there is a conflict as the military tradition of masculinity and toughness is prized above all and there was no tolerance for any other behavior or roles. But social changes happened and therefore the military eventually had to adapt. Now the military tradition and culture has to adapt to the presence of women and gays. Now masculinity and femininity are both represented in the military. Now the military culture has to inclusive vs. exclusive and it has to be tolerant of a variety of soldiers like never before. Military tradition can no longer cling to the rigid male combat masculine-warrior persona. The second question is what the impact of this change in military culture and tradition and resulting conflict? Donovan writes about the “battle” between the two differing ideas of military tradition and social changes ideas. She explains this fight between them is still ongoing as military tradition still is “Drawing from a combat, masculine-warrior paradigm, traditionalists stress that the military’s core activity remains combat, and that the military should not be a laboratory for social experimentation.”(Donovan, p.11). Because of that conflict,

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