The Combat For Women 's Rights

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The Combat for Women 's Rights
Throughout the decades, women in the United States and all around the world have struggled to be considered equivalent to men, both at home and in the workplace. Women have struggled with voting rights, less pay, lower positions in the workplace, and responsibility of maintaining household chores. Though women have gained voting rights in the United States, women still struggle with the other gender inequalities. In today’s society, women are fighting with more diligence than before to end gender division. Women have made significant leaps and bounds of progress and are fighting to gain full equality. Society, however, still looks down on women and hands men power even with all the amount of progress women have made over the generations. Gender division is an issue that is important in our everyday lives and has momentous effects on the United States. Gender division can be seen through gender roles both in the home and positions and pay in the workplace.
Women face several inequalities in the workplace and at home due to the perception of traditional gender roles or the responsibilities and behaviors considered gender appropriate by a society’s cultural norm. These gender roles are an enormous component of gender inequality today. Gender roles are learned and taught at an early age from surrounding influences, as well as from their culture and community, not inherited at birth. Those who foster and nourish, especially family, tend to have a
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