The Combat Oriented Tasks Of The Tradoc Pt Manual

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Once the analysis of the current APFT exercises have been completed the research will move on to the combat oriented tasks described in the TRADOC PT Manual. This leads us into stage two of the research. The tasks describe within the manual can be found within chapter 13 of the manual. The TRADOC manual is also Army wide guidance concerning what types of tasks Soldiers must be able to perform in combat situations. The actions prescribed in the manual will be evaluated on the same criteria as the current APFT format. The tasks specifically include: marching, running, lifting from ground and overhead, lunching pushing and rotations. These actions will again be broken down into the different body actions used in each movement and associated with the type of muscle contractions used. The TRADOC Tasks will be categorized and their characteristics identified on the following graph.

The third stage of this research will be conducted through electronic survey. By conducting all surveys through electronic means the study will be able to read a wider audience and a larger participation group in a more efficient way. By using the military global email system email surveys can be sent according to personnel who have served in the different theaters more expediently. The survey will be simple and consist of asking service members from various theaters to choose a set of combat tasks that are applicable to their combat experience. It will also ask soldiers who have no deployed on a

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