The Comedic Tragedy Of A Tragic Comedy

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The Comedic Tragedy of a Tragic Comedy William Shakespeare was always known for the vast range of narrative skills that his writing exemplified. When one thinks of his plays a plethora of different genres come to mind. Shakespeare had a knack for writing plays that could be classified by genres on each end of the spectrum and in between as well. His repertoire includes heartfelt comedies, all the way to the other extreme, which are drama-filled tragedies. Each genre brings about a necessity for different literary devices as well as some unique language that can influence the plot in many different ways. Shakespeare has an interesting way of fusing those two genres together, and sometimes even totally changing the genre throughout the story and having it end as a totally different genre than what it started out as. This technique gives the piece of work entirely new depth as well as a new angle where the plot could take a turn. The outcome of this is that the reader can never be sure how a Shakespearean play will end, thus, instilling in the reader a sense of wonder and mystery as they read through the play. Specifically, in his early and arguably most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare gives you a common comedy of two star-crossed lovers, destined to be united in love and subtly turns it into a tragedy that ends terribly for the two of them. When the themes and plot points in Romeo and Juliet are analyzed it can be inferred that had Shakespeare stuck to the
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