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Since the publishing of the comic book MAUS, there has been a broad debate not only from the survivors of the Holocaust but within the Jewish community pertaining to the appropriateness and representational meaning of the Holocaust in the modern literature. Many people who participate in the discussions or read the book have perceived the comic fashioning of the book as trivial, hence making the book appear as mocking, derogatory and comedic. Nevertheless, this is not the real purpose for the format employed by Art Spiegelman. The comic representation plays a critical role in ensuring that the message is at home. This paper seeks to clarify on the issues that have been raised against the comic representation of the book.

The main objective of Art Spiegelman is to teach the reader concerning the Holocaust and what awful things, like the concentration camps, the Jews had to go through. Again, the author teaches us to never forget what events took place in the Holocaust. Spiegelman's use of animal species to represent the national and ethnic identities is an imaginative method of representing racial prejudice existed during the world war two. Spiegelman chose to represent the human beings in this way because people can be as cruel as animals. He chose the mice to represent the Jews with a clear conscience that unlike other animals, mice are helpless and they are unable to defend themselves. The Germans were represented with cats because cats do

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