The Comic Book Maus

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In the comic book Maus, Art Spiegelman shows the readers what people endured during the Holocaust terror. Art mostly spoke about persons of Jewish descent. He utilized great imagery, and characteristics to allow readers to get a mental image and painting of the immense pain and suffering Jews endured during the Holocaust. His use of symbolism of mice and cats helped to show how Jews were just pawns, and experimental factors to Germans. Art allows for the reader to see how terrifying and horrific it was for Jews to live through the senseless racism, and harsh living conditions. These camps were like a living hell, full of deceit, hate, guilt, and survival of the fittest. If one were to read Maus , and fully look at the words , and paint these pictures they would noticed how the Holocaust just wasn’t a tragic period of time , but it had a lasting mental effect on any individual who survived those terrors. Throughout Maus, it was vividly painted how awful it was to kill so many innocent lives, and treat them like animals, and second class citizens. This is why Spiegelman chose the specific type of animals he did to help symbolize the slayings. He chose mice, because majority of time mice are mistreated and experimented with – without any say so. Pigs were representation of the Polish people, because they supposedly had a stench. They were under the rule of the dictator Hitler. Polish people firmly believed in whatever Hitler said, and were instructed to not care about what
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