The Comic Elements Of White Chicks Essay

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Comic Elements in White Chicks The movie White Chicks makes fun of different races, white, black, even Hispanic briefly. It makes fun of genders, particularly when Kevin and Marcus have to learn how to act like women. They also make fun of certain classes, particularly the rich, socialite class. These are the most obvious satirical elements in the film, but there are many others as well. Therefore, after watching White Chicks, we can see that it addresses the specific satiric target of society’s stereotypes about certain groups in a Horatian way by highlighting what traits are characteristic of them and by using jokes to point them out as well in order to lightheartedly poke fun at white racism so it appeals to all audiences while getting their message across that race and status should not matter as much as it does in society.
After viewing the film and understanding the difference between Horatian and Juvenalian satire, I’d categorize White Chicks as more of a Horatian satire, meaning it is more lighthearted and witty than Juvenalian satire. Therefore, the Wayans brothers, as black comedians, utilize this to critique white racism in an indirect, affectionate way so that they can appeal not only to their black audience, but also white audiences. Juvenalian satire is more like the passage “A Modest Proposal” that we read in class about solving the issue of overpopulation and homeless children by eating babies, in which it is very straightforward and more dark. White Chicks

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