The Comics As New Form Of Communication

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Reenvisioning Comics as New Form of Communication It is a truth universally acknowledged that as man has evolved into a more complex being, the appearance of pictures has gradually been replaced by words. As children mature, they are often encouraged to read lengthy novels as opposed to comics, which are deemed to be childish and simple. However, this denies them the potential that comics can offer in terms of communication and creativity. In his graphic essay, Show and Tell, comic artist Scott McCloud encourages the youth to utilize the benefits comics offer as a new form of expression. By presenting examples of how words and pictures can be harmoniously used and by identifying elements of comics that can enhance communication, McCloud is able to successfully argue for the importance of comics as new mediums for literature and creative expression. In addition, Hillary Chute’s essay, Comics as Literature? Reading Graphic Narrative, further elaborates on the unique characteristics of comics that can amplify expression, such as manipulating temporality. Furthermore, “Why Teach with Comics” by Jennifer Haines illustrates how comics can be used to widen the potential audience of writer and how they can improve the way people learn. In modern society, comics are viewed as lowbrow, simple constructions of words and images, which are primarily used for recreation. Although some progress has been made in familiarizing…
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