The Coming Crisis in Education Leadership

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The Coming Crisis in Education Leadership The retirement of the Baby Boomer generation is creating issues in many industries and the world of higher education is no exception. One of the leading problems in higher education in the current era and likely to increase as the twenty-first century progresses is a lack of effective and experienced leaders as current leaders retire and as newer potential leaders have been pressed into other jobs in other areas due to a lack of available positions (Fullan & Scott, 2009). this means that effective systems for identifying leaders have not truly been developed and are not being effectively utilized, either, and thus universities and other educational institutions are at a complete loss when it comes to filling leadership gaps that are increasing in severity and longevity (Fullan & Scott, 2009). At many institutions, this exacerbates other leadership and administration issues that find their cause both in internal problems and in broader issues in the academic and economic spheres (Appadurai, 2009; Fullan & Scott, 2009). The recent economic downturn has had an impact on the already-present crisis of succession in higher education not only in making it less feasible for universities to compete for top talent to fill leadership positions, but also in eroding certain elements of trust and degrading leadership-preparation and leadership-selection processes being designed and implemented by universities in their response to this crisis
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