The Coming Of Age In The Dawnland Summary

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Based on most ethnic principles and values in early settlers, they were alike, but in a unique way they were different. In both primary and secondary sources, each author has the same type of writing style. In “The Coming of Age in the Dawnland”, Charles C. Mann is referring to analyzation by introducing the readers to Tisquantum the “friendly Indian”and the experiences of traveling to Dawnland and interacting with the Native Americans. Another primary source, “Of Plymouth Plantation”, written by William Bradford, was an American Literature based story to inform the reader about the travels and beliefs of the Puritans and the Pilgrims. Last source is the, “Suppressed Speech Of Wamsutta (Frank B.) James, Wampanoag”. This speech is also to inform the reader about what the Wampanoags went through and what kind of lifestyle they were living from one of their own men's perspective.Each of these villages, families, and individuals all had to go through the same struggles, hardships, and brutal conditions. So, let’s get into what beliefs, ways, and religions each one of these groups had to go through. In “The Coming Of Age In The Dawnland”, there were many unlikely strange situations that you wouldn’t see happening in this day and age. For instance, when boys reached a certain age in their life, the go through some kind of initiations. They are thrown into the snow, and are given three strange things. By the age of seven, any boy or girl is considered to be an adult and to do any
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