The Coming Of John

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Growing up as an African American in a white world in the late 1800’s was incredibly ruthless. Even after slavery, blacks had a hard time trying to get work, education or civil rights. Education was a major topic in debate for blacks and whites. Education, the most important thing in life, acts as the key to a person 's future. Education leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to power. It teaches humans how to prosper and make good decisions. With a good education, people hold the ability to achieve all types of goals, and more doors will open for them. African-Americans held every right to obtain this basic human right. White and blacks took on many different paths with education and W.E.B. Du Bois tell a short story about it all. “Of the Coming of John” is the best example to show how whites and blacks took on their education pursuits. They each have journeys with different outcomes. There are two different Johns described in this story, a black John and a white John. The black John listens to everything his mother says, his mother wanted to send him off to school but people said it would ruin him. The white John was privileged: with a father as a judge he enrolled into Princeton. The black John however attended an unknown school with very little money. The black John went through a lot of difficulties during school. His behavior went downhill because he could not keep up with his work, almost having to leave for the remainder of the semester. John then decided he would
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