The Coming of Intelligent Green Vehicles

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A Report from the TechCast Project While many people simply want to get from A to B, transportation options (and especially automobiles) have to meet a variety of consumer demands: They must be clean, affordable, safe, and increasingly intelligent. Here is an overview of the choices and challenges for carmakers and consumers over the next 10 to 15 years. Imagine being able to sit back during your morning commute while your car does the driving. Would you move closer to the country? Take up the oboe? Finally read 'War and. Peace? And just imagine the freedom it would bring to those who are disabled. Take, for instance, the legally blind man who earlier in 2012 took a spin in Google's self-driving car to go to Taco Bell and then…show more content…
And China, driven by the need to conserve energy and avoid pollution, plans to have 5 million vehicles powered only by electric motors (all-electrics) on the road by 2020. All-electric vehicles (EVs) have existed almost as long as gas-engine vehicles, offering advantages of "refueling" with relatively cheap electricity, quieter ride, and simpler mechanisms. They emit no pollutants, require no fossil fuels, and the electricity to power them can be generated from clean sources such as wind and solar in years to come. They can be recharged from 110 or 220 volt outlets at nominal cost and do not require oil changes, tune-ups or emissions inspections. The shift to electric-powered cars is expected to cause sales of gasoline and diesel powered cars to begin to decline about 2020. EVs remain limited by range on a single battery charge and time required for recharge. However, significant advances in batteries and capacitors and the emergence of home and public charging and exchange stations are making EVs more practical. Some plug-in hybrids, like the GM Volt, are designed for all-electric drive with on-board charging. Improvements in technology will show up directly as models with increased range for all-battery or all-ultraca-pacitor mode appear in the market. Auto manufacturers are offering broader selections, and prices are nearly
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