The Commander Is The Most Imperative Participant

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In any mission, the Commander is the most imperative participant. He or she guides the mission to the intended outcome. It is through the commander’s activities that the directed outcome is achieved. Through successful understanding, visualizing, describing, directing, leading and assessing the commanders of Soldiers are able to accomplish the directed mission and thus winning wars. Throughout the role of commander in the Battle of Hamburger Hill, Lieutenant Colonel Weldon Honeycutt attempted the complete these commander’s activities. (ADRP 5-0) The successes and failures of mission command he had, will be explained, giving a better understanding of the Battle of Hamburger Hill and the pivotal turning point in the Vietnam war. LTC…show more content…
(Samuel Zaffiri) As the commander of the 3/187th BN, LTC Weldon Honeycutt understood the mission he was given. Hill 937, more commonly referred as Hamburger Hill, was a key terrain in the A Shau Valley. Securing the hill was not an option at the time he was given this mission. The terrain and enemy however made securing this key hill nearly impossible. He was a tough leader and demanded the most from his troops. Operation Apache Snow was a three-phased campaign to secure the A Shau Valley. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) used the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the A Shau Valley to transport supplies from Laos and Cambodia south to Hue and could easily overrun the South Vietnamese civilian population. (Battle Staff Paper) The NVA had over 6,000 miles of trails through the valley and while the US would bomb to destroy these trails the NVA would simply reroute and rebuild. This led to over 10,000 tons of supplies being moved through the valley every month. (youtube) LTC Honeycutt was given the brutal task of securing Hill 937 because of his previous experience. This task started on 10 May 1969 and ended after 11 attempts to secure the hill on 20 May 1969. (Hell on Hamburger Hill) LTC Honeycutt’s attempts to visualize the battle were completed with effort. The thick triple canopy
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